The Leith Summer Festival - Ontario Music Festival


Saturday Aug 27, 2016 - 7:30 p.m.
Sweet Songs of Sin and Sorrow
Patricia O'Callaghan - soprano
Andrew Downing - bass
Robert Kortgaard - piano

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Patricia O’Callaghan has foraged through the pages of the great American Song Book, especially the chapter labelled Leonard Cohen, for songs raunchy and sweet, romantic and sad, Trish is a frequent performer at the Leith Summer Festival and has never failed to end her evening of song with the audience cheering and pounding the floor with enthusiasm. We love her and in return she leaves us with happy memories of a talented, sultry and engaging songstress. Trish is something of a wandering minstrel, with five solo albums and many, many interesting collaborations along the way. A speaker of French, Spanish, and German, her early recordings focused on European cabaret, but one of Patricia's most unique talents is her ability in her concerts to blend a variety of languages and musical genres seamlessly together, and to completely embody whatever style she is singing at any given moment. “On record, O’Callaghan is a delight, setting her classically-trained chops loose on a dizzying blend of cabaret, jazz, and sophisticated pop,” said Chart Attack Magazine of the northern Ontario-born singer. “But it is in live performance that she truly shines, transfixing everyone in her path with her dramatic intensity and sensuality.”

Beyond her solo work, O’Callaghan has collaborated with many of her esteemed peers, including Bryn Terfel, The Gryphon Trio, Steven Page, jazz clarinetist Don Byron and many times with her fellow musicians tonight, Robert Kortgaard and Andrew Downing. “A genuine phenomenon in the making, Patricia O’Callaghan turns heads and opens ears. Her devotion to offbeat repertoire may make this Canadian singer the unlikeliest new star in ages.” – Michael Posner THE GLOBE AND MAIL “The most promising cabaret performer of her generation, the willowy soprano stands an excellent chance of becoming the first commercially explosive star of her careworn genre in several decades.” – Timothy White BILLBOARD

Robert Kortgaard is one of Canada’s most respected concert pianists, and has become an in-demand colleague of some of our most esteemed vocalists, Wendy Nielsen, mezzo-soprano Jean Stilwell and cabaret diva Patricia O'Callaghan.

Andrew Downing is a Toronto based double bass player, cellist, composer and educator. He plays primarily in the creative jazz scene in Canada, but also performs classical chamber music, improvised music, folk and roots music and world music.